• Peripheral Vision Loss,
    Cortically Blind, Stroke Vision Loss

    Helping People See Again. Vision Restoration Therapy, to help regain vision for stroke and other brain trauma victims

    About Us

    EnVision Vision Restoration Therapy

    Envision Solutions, LLC is a vision therapy medical device company with its initial product being EnVision. This Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) system for stroke victims, that have suffered peripheral vision loss, stroke in the eye leading to being cortically blind, with hemianopia or quandrantanopia. Vision Loss is one of the common stroke symptoms

    What is EnVision VRT?

    Software  based therapy

    Run on Windows and Apple computers

    Downloaded from web to patients desktop

    30 minutes twice/day, 6 months to recovery

    No custom equipment required

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    Envision Wins Venture Pitch SWFL 2018


    Envision took part in the Venture Pitch SWFL event that held the final at Babcock Ranch on 4-12-2018. A panel of 5 very experienced judges selected Envision Solutions as the winner. This is a great result for the company and shows that the technology and business plan has a very promising future.

    Patient Testimonials

    I recoved about 75-80%

    I have recovered about 75-80% of my vision on the left side. Just being able to detect movement is huge so I can tell if something is on the left that I should be aware of.

    I can Drive again

    Not only have I gained enough vision back to be able to drive legally, but it has also given me the confidence to live my life like I did prior to my stoke.

    I don't walk into things like I used to

    There is no doubt my peripheral vision has greatly improved.  I feel my vision is better, I don't walk into things like I used to.

    I can now read a book

    I have regained a percentage of my vision.  I can now read a book where as before I was at a loss with reading and gave up trying to find the beginning of the next line of text.

    The only therapy that had any effect

    The training is slow, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It was the only therapy that had any effect on my visual deficits.

    Please note that the patient testimonials are from patients who received the home based training under a supervised laboratory situation.  Results may vary, and the results listed here may not be typical.


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